LANCE® and LANCE Ultra cAMP Kits for GPCR Assays

LANCE®Ultra cAMP and LANCE® cAMP Assays: Robust and ready for uHTS!

Measure cyclic AMP produced by whole cells or membrane receptors stimulated with GPCR agonists and antagonists. PerkinElmer's innovative LANCE Ultra cAMP and LANCE cAMP assays are best in class among cyclic AMP assays.


LANCE®Ultra cAMP Detection Kit

Our state-of-the-art LANCE®Ultra cAMP kit offers unmatched sensitivity, signal-to-noise, and signal stability in a two-component assay using a simple TR-FRET protocol. Ideal for any Gs- or Gi-coupled GPCR assay, this Ultra-sensitive cAMP assay is supreme when working with low cell numbers, endogenous receptors, or difficult Gi-coupled receptors.

LANCE Ultra cAMP offers:
  • Unmatched assay sensitivity and signal stability-even with overnight incubation
  • Optimized screening of difficult targets and Gαi antagonists
  • Easier detection of cAMP response of endogenous receptors-use fewer cells per well
  • Robust sensitivity when miniaturized to 1536-well format for uHTS
  • Trusted results: stable pharmacology over time with consistent rank order potencies
  • Reproducible results with highest Z' values

LANCE® cAMP Detection Kit Our first-generation LANCE® cAMP kit continues to provide outstanding performance in a three-component assay, combining homogenous TR-FRET technology with red-shifted Alexa® Fluor dye chemistry for excellent excitation/emission discrimination. GPCR cAMP assays. Start with the best: LANCE.


LANCE® Ultra cAMP Detection Kit

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LANCE® cAMP Detection Kit

LANCE cAMP Assay: Robust and ready for uHTS!Measure cyclic AMP produced by whole cells or membrane receptors stimulated...  View more

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