LANCE® Toolbox Reagents

The versatility of LANCE TR-FRET technology allows the assembly of donor and acceptor dye pairs for use in protein binding and other assays. Choose your preferred donor- and acceptor-labeled reagents to design your own assay. This is assay design at its most flexible; featuring the most common affinity biomolecules and europium chelate-labeling reagents. LANCE toolbox reagents can be used to design a variety of assays, including kinase, protein-protein interaction, protein-nucleic acid interaction, protein-small molecule interaction, epigenetic, receptor-ligand binding, nuclear receptor, receptor dimerization, ubiquitination and other post-translational modifications, protease, and other binding and enzymatic assays.



LANCE Eu-labeled anti-fusion
tag antibodies

LANCE Eu-labeled streptavidin

LANCE Eu-labeled
anti-species antibodies

LANCE Eu-labeled Protein G

LANCE Eu-labeled biotin

LANCE Europium labeling reagents

ULight anti-fusion tag antibodies
and SureLight® APC antifusion
tag antibodies

ULight and SureLight® APC

SureLight® APC anti-species

ULight Protein A

ULight acceptor dye

ULight is a proprietary PerkinElmer small, bright dye developed for direct labeling of molecules of any size. The small size of the dye reduces steric hindrance to the labeled molecule, making it ideal for direct labeling of peptides, small molecules and enzymatic substrates.

  • Small dye (<800 Da)
  • Reduced steric hindrance to labeled molecule
  • Ideal for direct coupling/direct labeling of molecules of any size, even small molecules and peptides
  • Excellent for enzymatic assays using directly labeled substrates
  • Minimal effect on solubility of labeled molecule, due to hydrophilic nature of dye

SureLight® APC acceptor dye

SureLight® APC is a larger dye derived from a light-harvesting protein. Its structure allows it to act as a large antenna, making it good for studying indirect assays that span wider distances.

  • Large dye (>100,000 Da)
  • Can act as large antenna
  • Ideal for indirect assays that span wider distances
  • Excellent for studying protein-protein interactions

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