Desiccant Kits


Maintain clear, moisture-free optical paths within your instruments. Our desiccant kits are specially matched for your PerkinElmer FT-IR Spectrometers, and will keep them running at peak performance for the next six months. Eliminate the need to buy new desiccant kits frequently with our optional rechargeable desiccant kit. These give you two additional desiccant cages to use in an instrument while the other two are readied for the next desiccant change.

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Replacement Disposable Desiccant Kits, Package of 2

Disposable Desiccant Kits are required for all PerkinElmer FT-IR Spectrometers to keep the optical path moisture free.
List Price : 40.00 GBP
List Price : 193.00 GBP

Rechargeable Desiccant Kit for PerkinElmer Spectrum One FTIR

Includes four desiccant packs, two to use in the instrument and two spares for recharging.
List Price : 390.00 GBP
List Price : 147.00 GBP

Rechargeable desiccant kit

Contains four desiccant cages, two to be used in the instrument at any one time while two are being recharged ready for next desiccant change.
List Price : 451.00 GBP

"Desiccant Kits" 1-6 of 6 Products and Services