Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)


Accurately characterize the modulus, compliance, damping and other bulk properties of materials using our Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) solutions. Our state-of-the art instrumentation measures changes in rheological behavior under dynamic conditions as a function of temperature, time, frequency, stress, atmosphere, or a combination of these parameters. Applications and measurements include:

  • Stress-strain
  • Creep recovery
  • Thermomechanical
  • Moisture induced phase transitions
  • Moisture sensitive materials like paper, natural fibers, and food products
  • Swelling, shrinking and stiffness changes as humidity changes
  • Plasticizing and Tg effects as seen in nylon and polyurethanes

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"Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)" 1-50 of 67 Products and Services

DMA 8000 N5330101


The DMA 8000 is flexible and cost effective. Its innovative design, high functionality, and flexible operation make it ideal for advanced research and routine quality testing in the polymers, composites, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

DMA 8000 Mesh Pockets (Set of 25)

For running pharmaceuticals, paints and other non supporting samples where letting moisture and solvent in and out is desirable.
List Price : 114.00 GBP
List Price : 42.00 GBP

Standard Sample Pan Crimper Press

Used to crimp covers on standard DSC pans of aluminum, gold and copper. Design incorporates a replaceable crimper head.
List Price : 1610.00 GBP

Volatile Sealer Assembly

For use with volatile, viscous,noncorrosive samples.
List Price : 1400.00 GBP
List Price : 128.00 GBP
List Price : 1010.00 GBP
List Price : 406.00 GBP
List Price : 32.00 GBP
List Price : 78.00 GBP
List Price : 1250.00 GBP


Special problems often require special tools and a wide range of options exist for the DMA 8000.
List Price : 19.00 GBP
List Price : 443.00 GBP

High Pressure Capsule Sealing Tool

This reliable sealing tool is fast and precise. It employs a built-in torque clutch which guarantees that all capsules are closed with the same torque.
List Price : 1810.00 GBP
List Price : 105.00 GBP

PMMA for Diamond DMA, 0.2mm x 8mm x 40mm

Set of 10 for Tension Measuring System, Dimensions: 0. 2mm x 8mm x40mm,
List Price : 75.00 GBP

Fiber Clamp Assembly Top

Includes plate and screws.
List Price : 371.00 GBP

Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit

This kit includes Quick Press (P/N 09908467), Quick Press Spacer Die (P/N 03191047), 1 Pair Guard Ring Inserts (P/N 03190236), and 20 Pans, Covers and O-Rings (P/N 03190218).
List Price : 1880.00 GBP
List Price : 243.00 GBP

Non-Magnetic, Hooked Forceps

Non-Magnetic, Nonserrated Stainless Steel Straight Non-Magnetic, Hooked
List Price : 68.00 GBP

Universal DMA7/DMA 7e Probe Tip Holder for use with Stainless Steel Single and Dual Cantilever

Universal DMA7/DMA 7e Probe Tip Holder for use with Stainless Steel Parallel Plate, 2-, 3-, and 4-Point Bending. Single and Dual Cantilever Measuring systems. Includes probe tip holder (P/N N5390104), collet (P/N N5391004), and lock nut (P/N N5391005).
List Price : 345.00 GBP
List Price : 701.00 GBP
List Price : 364.00 GBP
List Price : 400.00 GBP
List Price : 524.00 GBP

Standard Stirrup Kit

Includes two matched stirrups.
List Price : 177.00 GBP

Thermal Analysis Gas Station for all Thermal Analyzers (controls up to four purge gases). For use with Pyris Series or 7 Series/UNIX software.

Thermal Analysis Gas StationUse the Thermal Analysis Gas Station (TAGS), a gas selector accessory with all thermal analyzers. The TAGS is a very flexible accessory featuring full control of all gases used in thermal analysis. In addition to performing gas switching, the TAGS also fully controls the gas flow rate, independent of the type of gas, and detects rapid changes in pressure and empty cylinders.
List Price : 5590.00 GBP

Manual Crimper

This sealer is capable of sealing both crimped pans and hermetic sealed pans . The die that is supplied can seal both of these, one side for crimped, the other for hermetic. Includes Hermetic Die N5356032 Stage N5356035 and Extruding Rod N5356033
List Price : 7290.00 GBP

Quartz Sample Tube for Standard Furnace

Used with standard furnace, part of Quartz Parallel Plate SystemKit P/N N5390135.
List Price : 677.00 GBP
List Price : 1580.00 GBP
List Price : 279.00 GBP

Quartz 3-Point Bending System Probes for DMA 7/DMA 7e and TMA 7, 0.5mm radius spherical tip

PerkinElmer's quartz probes are manufactured to extremely high tolerances to ensure the most accurate analysis data from your instrument.
List Price : 164.00 GBP

Quick Press Spacer Die

Included in the Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit (P/N 03190021).
List Price : 141.00 GBP

Filter Dryer Kit

Filter Dryer Kit removes moisture and particulates from your purge gas. Includes all the necessary fittings needed to make pneumatic connections easy
List Price : 362.00 GBP

Non-Magnetic, Nonserrated Stainless Steel Straight Forceps

Non-Magnetic, Nonserrated Stainless Steel Straight Non-Magnetic, Hooked
List Price : 59.00 GBP

Quartz Sample Tube for high-temperature furnace

Required for the expansion, penetration, compression and flexure modes of operation. Used with high temperature furnace, part of Quartz Parallel Plate System Kit (Product Number: N5390138)
List Price : 556.00 GBP

Sample Load Fixture for DMA 7/DMA 7e and TMA 7

Used to align and install sample into film sample clamps.
List Price : 593.00 GBP

Quartz 10 mm Bending Platform for DMA 7/DMA 7e 3-Point Bending Measuring System and TMA 7

This tube differs from the standard sample tube in that the 10mm bending platform is permanently fused to the base of the sample tube. Used with the high temperature furnace.
List Price : 362.00 GBP
List Price : 34.00 GBP

"Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)" 1-50 of 67 Products and Services