Screening Analytics


Whether High Throughput or High Content – Screening is an essential part of the drug discovery process. Advanced technologies available for screening compounds and studying cell images to identify a target’s potential safety and efficacy create a tremendous volume of data. PerkinElmer’s comprehensive set of screening solutions from image data storage to analysis- available for both on-premises and cloud based applications- are designed to foster collaboration, increase efficiencies, and enable faster processing of even-larger volumes of compounds.

  • Perform your entire screening data analysis and validation in a single, easy-to-use platform, enabling you to save valuable time and reduce costs
  • Take advantage of the most advanced statistics, machine learning and data analysis methods to obtain reproducible and objective results
  • Implement exhaustive QC analyses with ease, calculate reliable normalizations, and benefit from interactive data exploration
  • Combine HTS and phenotypic data in one single platform to help quickly identify the next breakthrough compound. Efficiently integrate and analyze large scale image data from all HCS instruments
  • Integrate, search, retrieve, and manage data from anywhere, inside or outside the firewall, enabling rapid processing of ever-larger volumes of compounds
  • Annotate the data for ready extraction by researchers for downstream processing
  • Analyze and share with colleagues, and store safely in one comprehensive platform

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Columbus Image Data Storage and Analysis System

Columbus™ Image Data Storage and Analysis System

The Columbus web enabled system brings access to universal image formats from all major high content screening instruments.
Screening Data Analytics

PerkinElmer Signals for Screening

PerkinElmer Signals for Screening is an instrument agnostic image and data analysis, management and aggregation platform that offers out-of-the-box support for the complete phenotypic screening workflow from data acquisition to image analysis to hit stratification and profiling.
High Content Profiler

High Content Profiler™

High Content Profiler enables screening data analysis and validation in a single easy to use platform.

"Screening Analytics" 1-3 of 3 Products and Services