Backed by an 80-year history rich in innovation, PerkinElmer is a long-time leader and pioneer in the scientific community. We hire talented, committed and driven people and strive to create a work environment that brings out the entrepreneur in all of us.


PerkinElmer is a company that fosters innovation, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration for long-term success. We are strongly committed to the development of your career, and giving you opportunities to learn and grow.

We make a difference for you while you make a difference in the world!

Career Development

PerkinElmer creates a customized development plan to help you achieve your career goals. We partner with you to build a long and rewarding career by providing:

  • On-the-job training
  • Mentoring relationships
  • Ongoing career development planning
  • Company and external training programs
  • Opportunities for internal career mobility

Why Work at PerkinElmer

  • Inspiring leadership and exceptional employees
  • Dynamic and innovative culture
  • Attractive rewards and benefits
  • Focus on employment development
  • Collaborative and diverse environment
  • Commitment to employee engagement and wellness