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Laboratory Relocation Services

Laboratory Relocation Services
Laboratory Relocation Services

You need experienced project managers and multivendor engineers to handle all of the details of your laboratory relocation – ensuring all major assets are tested and verified before and after your move.

Get started with a careful plan and assign a lean team across your company to keep an eye on risk, and rely on the PerkinElmer OneSource® Laboratory Relocation Services team to help with decommissioning and recommissioning of instruments and required calibrations, validations, and qualifications including IQ/OQ and stability and temperature control. Our compliance practice experts can also assist with custom qualification protocols.

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STEP 1: Start Planning Early

How do I relocate my scientific lab?

Plan Early and Continue to Plan Throughout your Laboratory Relocation

Before you start packing up your lab learn how to secure the right team and relocation company to manage your entire laboratory relocation – from logistics to transportation and then all the way to the qualification of your instruments and complete lab compliance. Careful planning well ahead of your moving date, and a solid contingency plan, will lead you through a successful relocation and back to scientific discovery.

  1. Create a lean project team
  2. Seek input from all of your stakeholders
  3. Consider the impact to your business
  4. Define and then mitigate risk factors

Learn more about OneSource Laboratory Relocation Services or request a quote to get moving today

STEP 2: Define and Document the Project Scope

Relocation companies that can move my lab?

Define the Logistics and Document the Project Scope of your Relocation Project

Consider the logistics required for the relocation of your lab well ahead of the physical move date. Then create a strategic timeline outlining the schedules and expectations for all partners involved as well as your desired outcomes. A thorough understanding of the move timeline will ensure enough time and resources are in place to accomplish sensitive requirements.

  1. Schedule the time to pack & unpack
  2. Source the experts to decommission & recommission assets
  3. Ensure IT Connections are established
  4. Perform required qualifications & compliance procedures

Learn more about OneSource Laboratory Relocation Services or request a quote to get moving today


Maintaining compliance while transporting scientific instruments?

Laboratory Relocation Services to Transport and Qualify your Scientific Instruments

Now it’s time to ensure you communicate with all of your stakeholders – from the ones inside your company to the ones outside of your company. This includes your project team, your lab managers & users, business leaders, suppliers, vendors, facility managers, and the public. Keep in mind that you will need to communicate according to a mix of viewpoints.

  1. Communicate why the move is taking place
  2. Explain what the move will accomplish
  3. Outline the impact to business
  4. Provide information about next steps

Learn more about OneSource Laboratory Relocation Services or request a quote to get moving today

STEP 4: Expect Changes to the Plan

Relocating scientific instruments and laboratories after disaster?

Expect Changes to the Plan and be Prepared for Unforseen Events

You can rest easy knowing you have a contingency plan in place aside your master project plan but you need to ensure Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies (RAID) are in play, and studied on a daily basis to mitigate risk.

  1. Plan for multiple and even worst case scenarios
  2. Prepare your team for alternative timelines
  3. Understand your partner’s capacity for flexibility

Learn more about OneSource Laboratory Relocation Services or request a quote to get moving today

STEP 5:Work with an Experienced Relocation Partner

Experienced Scientific Instrument Relocation Services?

The logistics involved in moving a lab are numerous, complicated, foreseen and unforeseen, and daunting for the inexperienced. It is far more than the physical transportation of glassware, samples, reagents, and instruments. The best internal project teams will struggle to anticipate every conceivable complication. PerkinElmer’s OneSource lab instrument Relocation Services will provide you with the support, from planning through validation in your new location that you need to ensure a successful move.

Learn more about OneSource Laboratory Relocation Services or request a quote to get moving today

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