Serial Dilution Tools for JANUS Automated Workstations

The methods employed for successful drug discovery and development encompass a wide range of research and process all requiring reproducible screening methodologies. For example, to generate a dose-response curve and examine the effect of different concentrations of antagonist on reversing agonist activity, the IC50 needs to be measured as an indicator of the effectiveness of a compound in inhibiting biological or biochemical function. Such high throughput processes require reliable, cost-effective, and reproducible results. These features can easily be achieved with the JANUS® Automated Workstation equipped with Modular Dispense Technology® (MDT) Serial Dilution Tools.

The JANUS platform provides the foundation for your automation needs, enabling the productivity and exact results you desire. While the MDT head facilitates the row and column pipetting options for standard curves, serial and direct dilutions, and discrete row and column sample addition for use in high-density drug discovery assays.

JANUS Serial Dilution Tools also complement existing proprietary MDT 96- and 384- channel pipetting heads and are fully interchangeable with all of our multi-channel dispense heads, providing flexibility for seamless “on the fly” head swap operations without need for user intervention or manual head swaps. Our easy-to-use software also allows you to control the motions of the dispense heads and eliminates the need for user intervention, typically required for partial tip box fills, and/or the need for tracking tip usage.

Get the benefits:

  • Discrete row and column loading using standard disposable tip boxes
  • Fully automated head swaps across a suite of MDT heads
  • Wide dynamic pipetting range: 0.5 ul – 235 ul
  • Format compatibility from 96 - to 1536- well plates
  • Flexible and user friendly software for customized assays
  • Serial dilution tools may also be used for compound library screening, biomarker assay development and toxicology assays.

Recommend JANUS System Configuration

  • Any JANUS automated workstation equipped with MDT pipetting head(s) can also accommodate Serial Dilution Tools.