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LAMBDA 1050 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

The LAMBDA 1050 is one of our highest performance UV/Vis system designed for analysis of coatings, high performance glass, solar, and advanced materials and components in both research and manufacturing. The instrument meets and often exceeds industry standards for ultra-high performance, flexibility, and convenience.

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Increased Scanning Speed

With its high sensitivity, the LAMBDA 1050 can scan faster than ever with no reduction in data quality.

Better Sample Control

The LAMBDA 1050 has been designed with a host of features and accessories to control your sample and ensure the quality of your data, including:

  • The industry’s largest sample compartments for more sample maneuverability and quick installation of various accessories
  • Snap-in integrating spheres to capture diffuse and specular reflectance. Available in 60 and 150 mm, with 8° reflectance and center mount capability
  • Universal Reflectance Accessory with dual Si and InGaAs detectors for automated, precise and reproducible angle adjustments
  • Pol/Depol Drive Unit for automatic control of polarized or depolarized light via PC
  • Internal instrument controlled attenuation from 1 to 0.1%, for high absorbing measurements

Smarter Flexibility

The LAMBDA 1050’s smart modular design and range of snap-in accessories allow you to set up the instrument to suit a variety of needs and configurations, including:

  • Dual Sampling Compartment – The LAMBDA 1050 can be configured with two large sampling compartments for twice the flexibility. Use one for standard reflectance or transmission tests, and the other for more specific customizable applications
  • Universal Reflectance Accessory – Remove the standard detector and snap in this innovative accessory for automatically measuring sample angles
  • General-Purpose Optical Bench – Swap in our GPOB to accommodate larger samples such as lenses, beamsplitters and optics

And the Fastest Setup Time

With so many user-friendly features, the LAMBDA Series offers the industry’s lowest sampling setup time. So, not only can you go where you’ve never gone before, but you can get there the fastest way possible! PerkinElmer also offers a standard validation kit for all of our LAMBDA spectrophotometers

View the interactive online brochure to see how the LAMBDA 1050 can support your needs.


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Height 30.0 cm
Interface Tungsten-halogen and Deuterium
Maximum Temperature 35 °C
Minimum Temperature 15 °C
Model Name LAMBDA 1050
Operating Range 175 - 3300 nm
Portable No
Product Brand Name LAMBDA
Warranty 1 year
Weight 77.0 kg
Width 102.0 cm

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Application Note Measuring Absorptance (k) and Refractive Index (n) of Thin Films with the PerkinElmer Lambda 950/1050 High Performance UV-Vis/NIR Spectrometers PDF  3 MB
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Application Note Simple Method of Measuring the Band Gap Energy Value of TiO2 in the Powder Form using a UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer PDF  1 MB
Application Note Visible Reflectance Spectroscopy of Human Skin: the use of CIE L*a*b* Color Analysis for In Vivo Ethnic Skin Characterization PDF  1 MB
Technical Note Full Spectrum, Angle Resolved Reflectance and Transmittance of Optical Coatings Using the LAMBDA 950/1050 UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer with the ARTA Accessory PDF  2 MB
Technical Note Linearity Measurements in the Visible Region on a LAMBDA 850/950/1050 Using Hellma Linearity Filters PDF  249 KB
Technical Note Validating UV/Visible Spectrophotometers PDF  1 MB
Poster Functional Measurement in Nanomaterials using Optical and Thermal Techniques PDF  574 KB
Poster The Use of UV/VIS/NIR Spectroscopy in the Development Of High Efficiency PV Solar Cells PDF  143 KB
Case Study A Spectroscopic In Vitro Method for the Calculation of Sunscreen SPF Values PDF  2 MB
Specification Sheet LAMBDA Flex Series PDF  500 KB
Product Info Polymer Applications Compendium PDF  11 MB
Field Application Report Measurement of Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR) Films Using a LAMBDA 1050 UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer and URA Accessory PDF  2 MB
Regulatory Compliance Certification UV Lambda Product Certificate PDF  161 KB