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Image while simultaneously injecting compounds into mice using our injection systems.

The Syringe Injection System is intended for use with IVIS Lumina Series III, Lumina XRMS, Lumina K and IVIS SpectrumCT systems that have been equipped with a syringe injection port.

The system enables users to image on their IVIS imager and simultaneously inject compounds into mice. The injector is controlled through the Living Image acquisition software module which facilitates control of compound administration by automating the speed, volume, and timing of injection. The complete kit includes a dual syringe injector, Living Image control module, and a starter kit of tubing, connectors, hubs and tape.

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MHS-15 Mercury Hydride System

MHS-15 Mercury Hydride System

The MHS-15 Mercury/Hydride System is a manual accessory for high-sensitivity determination of mercury and hydride-forming elements, such as As, Se, Sb, Te, Bi and Sn, by flame atomic absorption (AA) spectroscopy.

Syringe Injection System (IVIS Lumina Series III systems and Spectrum CT)

This syringe injection system enables users to image while simultaneously inject compounds into mice. The system is used for use with Lumina Systems or SpectrumCT systems.
List Price : 7430.00 GBP

"Injection Systems" 1-2 of 2 Products & Services