Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS)


No matter what your application or matrices, our liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC/MS) systems deliver the speed, sensitivity, exact mass information, wide dynamic range, and mass accuracy you need for having complete confidence in your results. These solutions are specifically designed for rapid and accurate mass identification and quantification across a broad range of samples including soil and water, food and beverage, industrial materials, forensics, and more.

Our QSight Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS is a complete solution for a wide range of applications, from method development to results and reporting. This innovative system is easy-to-learn and use and is built on patented technologies that enable high sensitivity and performance, maximum uptime and unparalleled remote support capabilities.

AxION® MS instruments include the AxION 2 TOF MS for exact mass measurement capabilities and confident quantitation, and the AxION Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) system, to screen, compare and confirm samples in a matter of seconds, with no method development, minimal sample preparation, and no chromatography.

The Altus SQ Detector is an advanced benchtop single quadrupole mass detector designed for high performance LC/MS applications and ideally suited for a wide range of qualitative and quantitative applications.

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The AxION® 2 TOF MS offers a broad array of capabilities designed to simplify and streamline virtually any analytical workflow and provides mass accuracy, full spectrum capability, speed, sensitivity, or dynamic range.
Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)

QSight Triple Quad LC/MS/MS

Our QSight Triple Quad delivers the high sensitivity and reliability need from a triple quadrupole. What’s more, its flow-based system is built around unique technology that enables 15% higher throughput than conventional systems. From method development to results and reporting, the QSight triple quad is easy-to-use and maintain so you can run more samples in less time.
QSight LX50, Triple Quad, Liquid chromatography, LC, LCMS

QSight LX50 Solvent Delivery Module

Our QSight® LX50 UHPLC integrates seamlessly to our QSight Triple Quad LC/MS/MS and its Simplicity software to deliver the highest levels of performance from sample handling through data collection and reporting. The system includes three key technologies that help optimize your workflow and enable high productivity.
Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)

QSight Pesticide Analyzer

Built to run hundreds of pesticides in one run, with the utmost sensitivity and efficiency, the QSight Pesticide Analyzer is the only instrument that provides 15% higher throughput than conventional systems.


AxION DSA (Direct Sample Analysis) System

The innovative AxION® DSA system brings a whole new level of ease, productivity and enhanced performance to any laboratory.

"Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) Instruments" 1-8 of 8 Products and Services