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COUNT-OFF Liquid Concentrate; 2.5L

Liquid decontaminant and cleaner for radiochemical spills

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6NE9422 98.00 GBP
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  • Ideal, all-purpose decontaminant: safe, mild, efficient and economical.
  • Quickly and effectively cleans up even the most persistent leftovers: proven most effective cleanser for removing radioactive residues (3H, 14C, 32P and 125I), stopcock and vacuum greases, lanolin and petroleum jelly, dried blood and serum, fatty and amino acids, protein complexes, and polymer films and other stubborn residues
  • Stable under extreme temperature fluctuations (-50 °C to 150 °C)
  • Safer than strongly acidic cleaners, such as chromic acid: solutions will not produce toxic gases from substrates containing 14C, 131I, 35S, or 36Cl
  • Easy to use: adjust concentration, soaking time and temperature as needed to speed up decontamination or for particularly stubborn substances such as dried blood


Product Brand Name COUNT-OFF
Shipping Condition Ambient
Unit Size 2.5 L


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Brochure Radiometric Reagents Guide 2010-2011 PDF  2 MB