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Inventory is an application designed to manage the chemical and biological reagent tracking needs of laboratories and research centers in multiple contexts: lab reagents, freezers/racks, plate management, proprietary compounds and stockroom are just some of the areas where Inventory has been deployed.

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Inventory is a web based application designed to manage the chemical and biological reagent tracking needs of laboratories and research centers in multiple contexts. It provided for the management of any number of sites, stockrooms, labs, freezers and racks. It also provides a solution to manage compound, containers and plates. It has logistical workflows to handle ordering, receiving, disbursement and disposal of materials in inventory, tracking items from cradle to grave and also has Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) logic to support customer compliance for local regulations.

Location Management Location Hierarchy

  • Easy web-based location management
  • Hierarchy can be extended as much as necessary
  • Locations can be as granular (bench contents) or broad (lab contents) as necessary
  • Access to locations can be restricted by user roles
  • Can contain plates, containers, etc

Rack Management of locations with a grid structure

  • Allows containers to be quickly located in an exact location
  • Racks can be nested – e.g. trays can contain bins, which can contain boxes A rack in inventory Plate Actions

Compound Management allows for tracking of chemicals, biologics, drugs or any substance

  • Structures or Images can be included
  • Search on any attribute including structure
  • Data is extensible to allow additional compound data to be tracked, including environmental health and safety Compound with safety pictograms Compound editing

Container Management tracks containers of substances and other materials from cradle to grave

  • Data stored is extensible – custom fields
  • Track movement, quantity remaining, expiration, or any other appropriate attribute
  • Barcodes can be configured to show any data, compatible with any windows or ZPLII label printers

Environmental Health and Safety

  • EH&S “Tab” added to inventory container.
  • Classification at the “compound” level.
  • Ability to link other safety data, including MSDS information.
  • Ability to update/edit safety data, and store multiple datasets simultaneously for compounds, containers and articles.

Batch Management

  • Containers can be linked by configurable common fields (For example, lot number)
  • For requests, these containers are handled as equivalents
  • Entire batch can be certified, and documentation can be associated with the batch