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Pyris - Instrument Managing Software, Version 11

Your PerkinElmer thermal analysis instruments and data come to life on the Pyris™ software platform - the benchmark in high-sensitivity thermal analysis. Pyris is the preferred choice in thermal analysis because it is intuitive and user-friendly, and provides a wide-range of standard features and capabilities for maximum flexibility.

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Whether in a totally automated research laboratory, an automated QA/QC lab, or a stand-alone instrument, you can be sure that the Pyris software meets your operating requirements.
Other Pyris software configurations:

Standard: Pyris Thermal Analysis Manager, Pyris Player, Instrument control and Pyris Data Analysis.

  • Pyris Standard (1 user) - Part #N5340092
  • Pyris Standard (5 user) - Part #N5340186
Advanced: As above but also DSC Isothermal Kinetics, DSC Scanning Kinetics, Heat Capacity, Step Scan, Purity, TGA decomposition Kinetics and others.

  • Pyris Advanced (1 user) - Part #N5340093
  • Pyris Advanced (5 user) - Part #N5340187
Basic: Data Analysis

  • Pyris Basic Data Analysis (1 user) - Part #N5340196
  • Pyris Basic Data Analysis (5 user) - Part #N5340197
  • Pyris Basic Data Analysis (site licence) - Part #N5340192
  • Pyris ES option - Part #N5340198
  • Pyris ES option 5 users - Part #N5340199
  • Pyris R10.1 Japanese - Part #N5340098
  • Pyris R10.1 Chinese - Part #N5340099