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Top Plate for UATR Accessory, Diamond/ZnSe (1 Reflection)

We offer replacement top plates for use with the PerkinElmer Universal ATR accessory.

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Part Number Material
L1250046 KRS-5 (1 Reflection)
L1250048 Ge (1 Reflection)
L1250240 Diamond/ZnSe (1 Reflection)
L1250241 Diamond/ZnSe (3 Reflection)
L1250242 Diamond/ZnSe (9 Reflection)
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This top plate features a single reflection diamond/ZnSe crystal for use with the UATR Accessory. Diamond/ZnSe is a versatile crystal material that is useful for general purpose analysis of samples by ATR. Avoid use with complexing agents, strong acids, bases, and oxidizers.


Material Diamond/ZnSe (1 Reflection)
Model Compatible With Spectrum 65, Spectrum 400, Frontier, Spectrum One, Spectrum 100
Product Group Top Plates
Technology Type ATR


Material Type of Plate Safe pH Utility
Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Flat or Trough 5-9
  • General purpose material
  • Do not use with complexing agents, strong acids, bases, or oxidizers
Germanium (Ge) Flat or Trough 1-14
  • Ideal for analyzing high refractive index materials, or strongly absorbing samples
  • Do not use with acids, oxidizers, or halogens
Thallium Bromoiodide (KRS-5) Flat or Trough 5-8
  • Do not use with alcohols, strong acids, or bases